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You are not satisfied with the “same-old, same-old”. You know that gaining a competitive edge means being the first to see opportunity. And you understand that it is no longer necessary to deal with the (direct and indirect) costs and limitations of classroom based learning. Why? Because world-class, Ivy-League-Quality work place learning comes to you from eCornell. No travel time. No fixed schedules. And, most important, little or no interruption of your business and personal life.

Instead, you choose when and where to take any one of eCornell’s many courses and business certificates. It’s on-line learning the way you’ve always wanted it. Powerful. Interactive. Convenient.

Workplace learning? Professional development? Training and development?

eCornell is already enjoying success around the world because it meets – and exceeds – the workplace learning needs of senior level leadership, mid management, supervisors and emerging managers, human resources staff and high potentials within organizations.

92% of eCornell students complete their course – two to three times the e-learning norm, and even more, 93%, rate their overall experience as good to excellent. Better still, 95% said the course material is applicable to their job responsibilities, and 93% said that what they are learning will directly impact their performance.

Patent-pending, problem-based business courses


In an eCornell course, learning happens through interaction and collaboration – a dynamic, creative process, called Structured Flexibility that involves the exchange of ideas, not simply the accumulation of facts. You interact with an expert instructor and a cohort of your peers to collectively develop knowledge, and effectively apply that knowledge in your organization.

You are also connected to the knowledge and resources of an Ivy League institution, a leading global research facility. eCornell courses offer embedded “Ask the Expert” interviews with faculty, online access to library reference guides, and additional professional and executive education opportunities.


eCornell courses are authored and designed with one or more Ivy League faculty members, using the most current and relevant case studies, research, and content. Our patent-pending approach to problem-based learning means that you are building knowledge and skills using online case studies, interactive exercises, and simulations based on authentic, relevant, and “real-world,” situations.
Certificates, CEU credits, and other industry-specific recertification credits ensure that eCornell professional and executive education courses will enhance your career.


eCornell courses provide the convenience of structure and flexibility with new sections starting every month, 24/7 worldwide access to course materials, online and telephone customer support, and dedicated online instructors.

Wholly-owned by an Ivy League institution

eCornell is an unmatched online, professional and executive development curriculum offered by one of the world’s top ranked institutions.

Only eCornell provides patent pending, problem based learning experiences tailored to provide training and development in the following areas:

• Executive Leadership and Strategic Management
• Financial Management
• Supervision and Management Essentials
• Human Resources Management
• Hospitality and Foodservice Management

Moreover, every eCornell participant enjoys engaging, rigorous and interactive learning, thanks to the close collaboration between Ivy League faculty and online learning experts.

Whether you are an individual seeking professional development or an organization seeking workplace learning, you can expect cost-effective, customized solutions that have been market-tested around the world.

Cut your professional development costs

For the first time, eCornell courses are available in Canadian dollars, a saving made possible because eCornell now has a Canadian Affiliate – Canadian HR Press.

If you take an eCornell course and want to complete a Business Certificate through eCornell, you can save by taking advantage of our “Step-Up” incentives.

Special incentives for organizations

• Every 20 seat Dedicated Section (a virtual classroom made up of only students from the purchasing organization) comes with two “free” seats. These seats can be used by the company’s training specialists, executives or managers to lead and customize the application of the course based on your company strategy and goals. eCornell instructors will work with you to create customized discussions that align course content with your company-specific needs and issues.
• Purchase a course pack of 50 single seat courses and get 6 free single seat courses
• Purchase a course pack of 100 single seat courses and get 13 free single seat courses
• Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a training solution to meet your organizational needs and budget.

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